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        Huizhou City surplus Yi Electric Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Weide Baosheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2004, is an emerging private enterprises, the existing more than 100 people。

        Ying Yi R & D production and sales of products: micro-pump, solenoid valve, solenoid, electronic blood pressure pump inflatable, electronic blood pressure gauge vent valve, perfume valve, PM monitor air pump, pump suction pump. Micro motors, brushless motors, brushless motors, gear motors, planetary gear motors, micro-generators, hand-cranked generators, micro-three-phase alternator, etc .. Products are mainly used in medical equipment, Hand-cranked radio, camping lights, LED hand-cranked flashlight, water motors, shower motors, and game consoles, Dianchao Ji, electricity, mobile phones, mobile phones, hand-cranked flashlight, Electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, cameras, massage, electronic locks, power tools ,, soya-bean milk maker, robots, air refresher motor and so on. In addition, I Division can also be based on user needs special R & D and design.


        Company management strict, operational norms, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, strong technical force, with a senior engineer at the core of the R & D team, experienced engineers, developed a practical, efficient and durable fixture to ensure that products Of the stability and consistency.


        The company's purpose: good faith cooperation, the sub-operation. After years of efforts, innovation, with good quality of the professional staff, a strong research and development capabilities, advanced testing equipment and scientific management system, the company has been sustained and stable development.


        Let customer satisfaction, is our relentless pursuit! A total of development, and common profit, common prosperity, the urgency of radical customers is our business purpose of the simple! We sincerely welcome all new and old friends to visit our spacious factory and negotiate and make valuable suggestions!

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